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Our CD Dryers and other original products are helping companies on 4 continents to lower costs, save energy and improve productivity. With a strong record backed by high level technology, we can recommend a CD Dryer that best fits your company’s needs.

CD Dryer: Built With Pride


Our company’s greatest strength is the one-of-a-kind technology found in our CD Dryers. This energy-efficient, low cost, process-shortening, and space saving dryer can be used for powder manufacturing, wastewater treatment and recycling. Let our experienced staff assist you in choosing, designing, and maintaining the CD Dryer that is just right for your company’s needs.

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 High-Efficiency CD Dryers

Why YOU Can Put Your Trust in Us


1A Strong Sales Record Both Domestically and Abroad

With our record of over 400 dryers delivered, in 11 countries and Japan, the Nishimura Works CD Dryer is being used by many of the world’s major companies. Our originality and technology have been granted 7 Japanese patents, 6 international trademarks and 3 domestic trademarks. In 2014, the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry recognized Nishimura Works as one of Japan’s Global Niche Top 100 companies.

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2A Record of Over 3000 Drying Tests

To select the appropriate sized Nishimura Works CD Dryer we offer drying tests to our prospective clients. After test-drying a sample of your liquid on our test dryer, the dried product is returned for your inspection. We can do this because we have absolute confidence in the quality of our dryers. Customers applaud our record of over 3000 drying tests.

>>Purchasing a CD Dryer

3Nearly a Century of Experience in Manufacturing

In our nearly 100 year of manufacturing history, our professional staff has continually improved skills in both technology and customer service. Our dryer line-up, featuring the CD Dryer, as well as Conveyors and Flame Spraying are top-notch and we can work with you to design a solution for your company’s needs. Most of our technical staff hold National certification in such areas as Welding, Machining, Painting and Design. You can feel confident that our professionals will get the job done right.

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